Short of IDEA..

Head Blow Up

Unfortunately I’m short of Idea and short of hands to updating this blog lately. Avatar Aang also currently not around because he busy studying for his exam. I’m busy with my assignment which I need to hand up on this Monday. 60 marks beb. Better I make it properly and nicely. It is not easy to achieve full marks but i try to make it higher as possible.

FYI, my assignment is not like your primary school essay. That is Academic writing babeh. Need to do a lot of referencing and quoting. WTF!!??

Owh god, when I will able to play with my PSP. (“,)

Next month I have a camping for four days, climbing Kinabalu mountain, and snorkeling at Perhentian Island. And I have two more assignment to be handed. So? What do you expect me to do with this blog?

Now you know this blog will not being updated.. I did not know when I will doing the next updating.. So, don’t wait for me, orait?


Don’t ask me why i’m post in entry English.

And do not commented, i repeat DO NOT comment on my broken english.. Plz..

Comment this post, or…

–>>This post will blow in 10 seconds<<–


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  1. i’m feel sorry to Biliksebelah.wp b’coz i even has forgoten it about several week..soooorrrryyyy also 2 mr. biliksebelah b’coz i not do my responsivble to this blog.. 😦

  2. Sorry lama tak jenguk BS (padahal baru sehari dua je)
    esok saya last paper~~~ nanti saya hinggap sini lg ye 🙂

  3. Gosh! I didn’t realize what-you-had-wrote actually. My bad.. forgive me. I don’t have enough time right now.. I just go through your blog title and comments. I’ll come back tomorrow ya!

    Btw, Happy Birthday to Bilik Sebelah~!! Hope this blog will keep on updating and have lots of readers in the future!


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